The Choraleers All Year Long  


  Hollywood Glam March 3, 2017  

So Molly put together for us a Hollywood Glam Party. It was so much fun. We all got our GLAM on.
We walked down a red carpet. We even met Kim Kardashian!!!!
See some pictures of us glammed up...
And if you have some time watch the video below of us being interviewed by Ms. Kardashian.
It just might make you smile.



Dawn poses with Kim


  Valentines Day February 15, 2017  

Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day.
We had special guests delivering candy-grams to the residents. It was GRAND!

The Candy-gram Trio

Larry gets silly

Jason is all smiles

Jasmine poses


  Lester Concert February 8, 2017  

Lester did a mini concert for us today.
He sang for us a love song in anticipation of Valentines Day. He sang like an angel :)


  Soccer Slam January 25, 2017  

We are starting the new year with a smile!!
The super nice people at the Seth Ernst Soccer Slam in Geneseo invited us to come and participate in their live auction. We acted like Vanna White, showed off the merchandise, and just had all around fun!




  First Soccer Game of the Season By Madeeya Stovall  

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, We had our first power soccer game of the season. The game started out very slow at first with the Lyndon Champs ahead, but towards the end of the game it got very intense and the P -town All - Stars came back and won the game with the score of 7 to 4 over the Lyndon Champs. Way to go P - town All - Stars!

Shelley very first soccer game!

Jason and Madeeya battle for control

Duking it out on center court


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