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  Mid-winter party January 29, 2015  

Yesterday we went to the White Oaks Skating Rink and we had some GOOD TIMES!
See all the smiles below!

Ashley having fun!

Lee enjoying his pop!

Staff pose for the camera


  Pat January 21, 2015  

Some people just have it and then there are the people like me...
Pat has it!
Pat was just looking good today and I felt the need to let everyone else share in wonderfulness!

Pat and her beautiful smile!


  Its cold outside but WARM in here January 13, 2015  

It has been really cold here! So the best way to beat the cold--WARM FOOD of course!! Ashley, Frank, and Mike participated in Food Group the other day. They made some yummy lasagna from scratch. Nothing comforts the stomach like pasta--RIGHT?
There was much comforting going on as the Food Group made lasagna and then enjoyed their feast!!

Ashley has the cheese

Mike opens the tomato sauce

Frank lays out the noodles


  Christmas Spirit December 10, 2014  

The Choraleers are getting their Christmas spirit on!! We did a Christmas sing along at Winnng Wheels on Friday. Good Times!


  We are a Happenin' Place! December 3, 2014  

The place to be is here at Day Treatment!!
 Watch this video to see how much fun we have had in 2014!"


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