The Choraleers All Year Long  


  Getting STRONG February 3, 2016  

People make New Year resolutions to exercise and then by February they are all forgotten.
Ours are NOT forgotten!
We want to be strong!!

Larry has his walkin' shoes on today!

Jason lifts weights

Nichole works out on the bike

  Soccer Game by Madeeya  

On Tuesday, January 19, 2016 We had our 4th power soccer game against the Lyndon Champs and the Prophetstown All Stars. The game was very intense, But the Prophetstown All Stars came out on top this time! The final score of the game was 11 - 9 Way to go Prophetstown All Stars!

Lyndon Champs

Tarik grins for the camera

DJ shows her cheerleading skills

  You are so Beautiful! January 22, 2016  

No doubt about it the MOST beautiful women in the world are at DT!!
Our ladies worked on their gorgeous at Girl Talk yesterday.


DJ shows off her nails


  Sports Fanatics by Madeeya  

On Thursday, January 7th, 2016, we had our Sports Fanatics group. Tarik was the top winner for the residents and Kathy was the top winner for the staff. It was also "Jersey Day" on Thursday so everyone got to wear their favorite sports team jersey. BEARS OR PACKERS — way to go everyone!

Kathy and Israel

Tarik Number #1


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