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Happy Easter! April 18, 2014

It is Easter Weekend coming up and at DT we totally got in the mood! We dyed easter eggs. We decorated the eggs, personalized them, and colored them. Then to top it off, we had egg salad the next day!! YUM!
It was fun and brought back warm childhood memories
Happy Easter to everybody!!

Madeeya puts her egg in the dye

Lee points at his masterpiece

Sharon enjoys dyeing eggs

Madonna shows off her egg

Happy Easter!!!


Horsing Around April 11, 2014

Jason was able to go horseback riding yesterday. Toni and Natalie took him to a wonderful place called Pegasus. From all accounts (and from the smiles on Jason's face) he had a wonderful time.
Below are some pictures. If you want to see him ride, there is a video too!


On the horse

Click the arrow and watch him ride!


Gunther April 7, 2014

"If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat."
Mark Twain


STRIVE Choraleers March 26, 2014

Choraleers are starting their 5th year of performing. We did our first performance of the year at Winning Wheels last Wednesday. We followed it up with a performance at Heritage Square in Dixon on Friday. We are very excited to be back on the road.

Winning Wheels

DJ and Julie and Michelle

James with Madeeya as a back-up

Heritage Square

Madonna and Shelley




It's Easy Being Green March 21, 2014

Monday was St. Patrick's Day and Toni and Natalie came over all dressed up and somewhere to go--HERE!
They helped us get our "green" on.
Lots and lots of laughs... We do like to laugh around here!!


Toni and Michael

Party in Green



Seth Ernst Soccer Slam March 12, 2014

Dave and Betty Ernst invited us to participate in the Seth Ernst Soccer Slam.
So the STRIVE All Star Soccer team packed up and went to Geneseo.
OMG! We had so much fun. Watch the video below and watch us go...


Soccer Awards Ceremony March 4, 2014

Sadly the soccer season has come to an end, but it was a great year!! We had our soccer recognition dinner on Tuesday where everyone who participated were honored. We ate junk food and had fun!! Can hardly wait til next year...

Cheerleader Recognition


Biggest Fan Award




Ms. Team



Talent Show 2014 February 26, 2014

Our very own Chris Morrow, who has his own column here on the DT Blog, participated in the DT Talent Show.
Not surprising, Chris did jokes.
I know it is cold and yukky outside and everyone is getting tired of winter. Add some brightness to your day and have a good laugh and watch Chris perform at the talent show.


Soccer Slam February 11, 2014

So while the rest of Illinois is bemoaning the cold weather, we have been getting our "soccer" on. Our friends from the Seth Ernst Soccer Slam invited us to come play soccer. So our All Star Soccer team put on a show last Saturday.

We had SO MUCH FUN!!!

The people there are amazing and lucky for us, we get to do it again on March 1st.
Check out some of the pictures below...

Secret Weapon

Playing the game

All Star Team


Freakin' Cold January 10, 2014

It has been really cold outside, but we have been handling the cold in the most mature way...






GO SAINTS!! January 3, 2014

We just read Drew Brees Biography (Coming Back Stronger) and then studied the city of New Orleans for our "My World" group. We had so much fun. Toni's family down in New Orleans sent us a bunch of Saints gear to help us celebrate New Orleans.
The video below is our BIG thank-you for the gear. Watch and smile...


Christmas Joy December 12, 2013

Choraleers are back on the road bringing Christmas joy to all they can. We performed at Exceptional Care in Sterling last week. They were extremely gracious to us. We had fun encouraging our audience to sing-along with us the well known Christmas carols. The more joy we brought our audience, the more joy we felt inside!!

Silver Bells

Shelley, James and Michelle sing

Jingle Bells

first time we ever played our chimes...
WAY cool!!


What do I receive at Christmas-time? Presents?

Nope, Santa kisses...

How many kisses?

How should I know, you have to be asleep!

Want my opinion? SHUT UP!



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