The Choraleers All Year Long  


  Donna December 18, 2019  

The Day Treatment Christmas Choir performed at Allure Nursing Home and we had the WONDERFUL pleasure of spending time with Donna Jo!!

James and Donna


  Good friends December 9, 2019  

The Day Treatment Christmas Choir performed at Winning Wheels recently and it was good times for Nichole and Britannia.
They are good friends and it was sweet reunion.

Nichole and Brittannia


  Thankful for 2019 December 6, 2019  


  Holiday December 3, 2019  

We hope you had a special holiday!
We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families.
We had a wonderful time posing for pictures with our loved ones.
As you can see below--it was very serious business!


  Coffee November 15, 2019  

The weather has been crazy cold
Coffee with a friend is always comforting and warm!

Madonna and Lee


  Halloween Fun with kids November 1, 2019  

We put on a little carnival with the kids! They of course won candy!
We had lots of fun!

Dawn helps with the fish game

Jason and Mason

Shelley hands out candy prizes

John and Nichole pass out candy


  Baseball October 10, 2019  

Played baseball in the gym...


  Giving a Helping Hand September 20, 2019  

There is a really nice charity in Prophetstown called Pat's Table which provides food for people in need. We were able to bake up some cookies and be a part of the solution.
It felt good.


  Silly September 9, 2019  

Having fun at DT...
I think Andi was crying because she was laughing so hard.


  Muscles August 20, 2019  

We are working our muscles, keeping in good shape...

crunching abs

strengthening arms



  Freedom August 8, 2019  

We participated in the Freedom Walk/Run in East Moline last night
Great people. Great time. Great Country!!


  Talent Show August 7, 2019  

We had a talent show at Wheels in July!
Here are some pictures and a video link below!

Talent Show 2019


  Party time July 30, 2019  

We celebrated the "wonderfulness" of John's mother by celebrating John's mother's birthday!

John with his cake for his mom

Lester in party hat

Madonna being silly

DJ being silly

Susan sporting a mustache

Vern posing!


  enjoying the lake July 25, 2019  

We had a picnic at Rockwood Morrison today.
John was enjoying the peace, calm, and beauty.


  Summer Fun July 24, 2019  

Hurray for awesome summer days!
We have been enjoying the beautiful weather with numerous activities!!

Dawn loves to bike

Lee keeps our garden watered

Quite a swinger

Summer days are great on a swing

Aron enjoying the summer


  Adorable June 5, 2019  

Our WONDERFUL friend Jane came yesterday and brought her friends Milo and Gunther. We had such a good time. Milo is the cutest puppy. Gunther has been our friend forever...

Shelley pets Milo

Jason and Milo

Israel gives Gunther a belly rub


  Down by the River May 14, 2019  

We enjoyed the gorgeous day and took a walk down to the Rock River.

Andi is happy to see some sun!

Jason loving the river

Larry and Madeeya are chillin


  Planting May 10, 2019  

We got our hands dirty today. Amy took some people outside and put them to work.
Our garden needed weeding and then they planted.
Lots of fresh air...
Lots of work...
Lots of fun...




Amy and James work together


Nat and Madonna


  May Day May 3, 2019  

Day Care made us all May Baskets and delivered them on Wednesday.
The children were way sweet and they really helped us have a happy May day!!
Thank you Day Care!

Madeeya grins with delight

Tarik grabs his May Day basket


  She's a High Roller! April 26, 2019  

We played Poker and had a blast. Nichole had the hot hands!
She posed with her "winnings!"
Nichole wishes the $$ was real :)

You've got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run …


  Happy Easter! April 19, 2019  

We dyed eggs earlier in this week. We made egg salad for lunch later.
It was YUM!!
Happy Easter to everyone!

Pat watching the egg slicer closely

Andi grins for the camera

Israel is our resident chef


  Eggs April 16, 2019  

Easter is coming and we dyed Easter Eggs today. It was fun!







  Hear Me Roar April 1, 2019  

We celebrated Women History Month in March by learning about famous women, learning we were "Made for More" and getting our glam on.
Look how gorgeous we all look...




Donna Jo






  Celebrating March 11, 2019  

Shelley celebrates 25 years at STRIVE!


  Chillin' February, 19 2019  

Just chillin' at DT...

James and Israel




Donna Jo


  Baby its cold outside February, 13 2019  

It may be gray and cold outside, but our ladies are gorgeous!

Patti looking beautiful as always!

Ashley smiles with her make up on...

Andi shows off her nails


  Volleyball January 17, 2019  

We hope your new year is going well! Except for the snow storm headed our way--we are doing great. We played Volleyball in the gym and had much fun!

Ashley has a hair raising time!

Jeff knocks it over the net

Even with volleyball, Tim is grooving!


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