Christmas Joy December 12, 2013

Choraleers are back on the road bringing Christmas joy to all they can. We performed at Exceptional Care in Sterling last week. They were extremely gracious to us. We had fun encouraging our audience to sing-along with us the well known Christmas carols. The more joy we brought our audience, the more joy we felt inside!!

Silver Bells

Shelley, James and Michelle sing

Jingle Bells

first time we ever played our chimes...
WAY cool!!


Giving Thanks! December 3, 2013

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful turkey dinner with family and friends.
Lots of laughter combined with a lot more laughter.
Good times!!



Larry and DJ



Halloween November 13, 2013

We had a really fun Halloween this year. Nearly everyone dressed up and joined the fun! I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the costumes. It took me some time to get everything together but look below at the fun costumes. Try to guess who each resident is and then hold your cursor over the picture and see if you guessed right!


Donna Jo





Larry and Madeeya










Love Letter to Toni November 7, 2013

From all the Bear Fans at STRIVE
click the video below


Animal Antics October 23, 2013

Okay, so it is only October and it is already snowing, gray, and cold. ICKK!
Normally that would spell disaster for everyone's mood, but 2 little angels (devils in some people's vocabulary) came and visted and kept us all warm an cheery! Rudy and Guenther were there normal adorable selves!

Guenther thought
John makes the perfect bed

Margo gets some nice lovin'

Israel hates the cold,
but who can resist Guenther

Rub my belly please!


Autumn October 11, 2013

Mondays are usually rough on a regular basis, but last Monday we came in to find that there was no power at the Progress Center. However, we didn't let the lack of electricity get us down. We did the proverbially "made lemonade out of lemons"! We packed up our stuff and headed for Rock Falls. We took a stroll across the pedestrian bridge which connects Rock Falls to Sterling. We had a picnic by the Rock River. We ended the day with our chairs reclined and relaxing in the sun.
A GREAT time was had by all!!

James and Shelly


Larry and Madeeya



Autumn October 2, 2013

Autumn is here. It feels like summer outside, but we got ourselves into the right mood by painting pumpkins today. Everyone did a great job and we now have beautiful pumpkins decorating Day Treatment.

Jason makes it just right

Madeeya is a "girlie girl"
so her pumpkin is pink!

Mike is having fun

Larry concentrates


What do I receive at Christmas-time? Presents?

Nope, Santa kisses...

How many kisses?

How should I know, you have to be asleep!

Want my opinion? SHUT UP!


Four Seasons September 26, 2013

The Choraleers went and visited Four Seasons Living Center. Everyone was so nice to us. They even served us cookies after our performance. We were happy to provide them with some entertainment. Their smiles made us smile!!
Their Occupational Therapist Dan Howard rewarded us with a song of his own. We felt so special! Great times!

Ashlely and Tarik



Larry and John


Cute! September 18, 2013

The cuteness factor went up 10 fold at DT when Jane brought in some kitties. The one kitty really took to Frank. He plopped in Frank's lap and made himself at home. Mike always enjoys animals when they come and he enjoyed petting the other kitty.




Yipee ki-ya!!(Part 2) August 26, 2013

Join the fun!! Click play and watch us ski!!!


A teacher asks the class to describe their mom--using three letters.

One said "muscular"

Another said "outstanding"

The third said...



Yipee ki-ya!! August 21, 2013

I got the WONDERFUL opportunity to go to Rock Island and see some friends of ours ski. It was not a Day Treatment event, but it was sure FUN!! I am working on a video to post, but until then, here are some pictures to whet your appetite...

Lucy skis

Larry gets ready to go

Go Larry Go!


Love August 8, 2013

Rudy came to visit the other day and he decided that Pat was the one!
I know I just posted pictures of Rudy, but sometimes you just have to go with that which is over-the-top CUTE!!
Add a wonderful smile to your day and see pictures of Pat and her "best friend"!

Pat and Rudy

Rudy wanted to be where Pat was...


Surfin' Safari July 29, 2013

Donna Jo and Larry went to Magic Waters last week and had a BLAST!!!
Watch the video below to get a taste of their fun....


Rudy and Gunther July 25, 2013

Our good friend Jane stopped by the other day and let us interact with her pets: Rudy and Gunther. We enjoy Jane's visits because she is sooooo nice. We also enjoy petting her dog and cat. They provide us with much furry love.

John loves Gunther


Mike feeds Rudy





Outrigger July 18, 2013

It is that time of year again--OUTRIGGER!

Jason is ready to rock and roll!

Lake Carlton

John kicks back...

WET and WILD!!



Jason doesn't think Tarik is wet enough...
--just one more splash--


PIZZA July 1, 2013

The Choraleers were gifted with some cash from some really nice people at the Greenview Condos. They blessed us when we performed there. So we had the cash but we wondered what would be the best way to spend it? We ended up contacting our friends in Rock Island who live in an ARC of the Quad Cities home. We offered them the chance to party with us and have pizza. They said--COME ON DOWN!!!!!
So we did....

Gathering together

Julie and Madeeya enjoying themselves

Ashley does the Dew


Singing June 14, 2013

What a beautiful day! The Choraleers took this wonderful opportunity to perform outside at Exceptional Care. The weather was fantastic and the singers were in GREAT voice. We had so much fun!!
A BIG thanks to Karla for inviting us and to the residents and staff who treated us so wonderfully!

Always having FUN

Shelley sings from her heart

It's Puppy Love


Super Stars June 7, 2013

The weather maybe cool and rainy outside, but inside we are keeping good cheer by singing, singing and singing some more! We did some more karaoke the other day and may I state--we discovered some real Super Stars in the bunch!!!

James and Lester

Lucy and Pat


Tarik and Mike


Music May 29, 2013

We have the nicest music therapist in the world! Michelle, the world's greatest therapist, came today and assisted us in having a good time. She told us today was for those who like country music. Let me tell you there are alot of people at DT who love country music. Chris said he not only loves country music, he loves to sing country music. Great fun was had by all...

John gets down

Elyse plays along

DJ has fun

Chris likes to sing too!!


Lester May 20, 2013

Some people have it and some people don't...

Lester stylin'


Food Group May 16, 2013

We have started a new small group (the smaller the better!) at Day Treatment. It has been dubbed "Food Group" and is being run by Molly and Amy. Yes, that was a BIG sigh of relief you heard that Nancy (who cannot cook!) isn't running it.
We had our very first "Food Group". Tarik, Julie, and Madonna met together, planned a menu, prepared a meal and then ate it! Fun was had by all. They had vegetable lasagna with bacon and chocolate oreo pie.
It was good fun and a learning experience all wrapped up into one.

Preparing the Food

ENOYING the fruits of their labor


YUM! May 2, 2013

The baking club is at it again. Every month they make us something yummy to munch.
This month they didn't "bake" it, but made us banana-strawberry smoothies. Oh yeah! They were good!

James mixes it up

Madeeya and Jason measure

Shelly stirs things up

Larry adds chocolate chips


Good Sam's April 19, 2013

The Choraleers are back on the road again. We sang at Good Samaritan's Nursing Home in Prophetstown two weeks ago.
We had a wonderful time. The facility there was extremely nice to us! It's great to back on the road making people smile!

Puppy Love

Ashley sings her solo

Tarik sings one for the Chicago Bears!


LPC's got talent! April 10, 2013

It is too long to put the whole show up but for your viewing pleasure--an overview of the Talent Show.
I gotta say it! Dang we are good!!


Greenhouse April 5, 2013

The Garden Club is trying to entice Spring to actually come. It has been cold here and we are wishing for warmer days!! Ginny and Pam have been encouraging the participants as they plant tomatoes, peppers, and flowers.
At least the greenhouse is toasty warm!

Shelly plants

Larry transports a pot

Israel prepares the soil

Lee checks out the garden


Choraleers March 21, 2013

The Choraleers are gearing up for their 4th season on the road. We think this is our BEST program yet. Everyone has been working hard. We did a run through in the gym of the whole program and I have to say; they are awesome!
It will be exciting to get back on the road...

Choraleers practice

Tarik sings his solo


Soccer Banquet March 15, 2013

Last week ended the 2012-2013 Soccer season, the two teams ended in a tie after a six game season. They had a play-off match last Thursday where first score won the game.
The Lyndon Champs were able to take the BIG prize. They are our 2012-13 Soccer Champions. Congratulations to Jason, Michelle, Israel, and Tarik--it was a hard fought win.
Last Friday, we had a soccer banquet where everyone was able to gather together in the LPC gym and munch pizza and get presented with awards. Anne came over from STRIVE to help pass out congratualations and medals! It was a proud moment for everyone involved.
Israel was awarded MVP for 2013; he scored the most goals of any other player.
Jason won "Mr Team" award for being such a great team player. Jason encouraged and cheered on players from both teams.
It was an exciting season and we were sorry to see it come to an end.
Big thanks to Toni and Molly for coaching the teams! Can't wait till next year...

Madonna gets cheerleader recognition

Israel MVP

Jason "Mr Team" Award


Take Me Out To The Ballgame March 7, 2013

I am still working on getting the full talent show "web ready"
Till then click the arrow below and enjoy listening to Mike do a rousing rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame!


Karaoke February 21,2013

Karaoke anyone? Yesterday, per residents' request, we did karaoke. It was fun. It was something different. It was a challenge to say the least, keeping up with the music and singing on a microphone in front of an audience.
It was so good, we plan to do it again real soon!

Shelly and Michelle show off their skills

Lee grins


Talent Show 2013 February 14,2013

We had our Annual Talent Show and as usual the residents were AMAZING!! Thank-you to the staff and friends who came and watched us perform! I am working on the video of the show so I can post it for everyone to enjoy!
Till then, here are few pictures of the event...

Larry shows off his artwork

Lester sings

James gets down

Shelly, DJ, Madeeya "sign" and "sing"
Amazing Grace


Trouble February 6,2013

Okay, so I knew there was trouble when I heard giggling coming down the hallway at DT.
I go to see what is going on (expecting the worse) and there is Shelley Misch.
Shelley was causing trouble and was properly chastised by the staff with a "naughty" hat.
She was so unhappy she was giggling as she was coming down the hall.
She was so unhappy she posed for pictures for this blog. :)


Smile! January 23,2013

It has been cold. VERY cold! People are cranky and tired of being cooped up. To all you who are ready for winter to be over! Here is a smile.
It started with a feather which came off a hat. Enter DJ who has a great sense of humour! Look below at her many looks and expressions and just try not to grin! I DARE YOU! Don't smile!!!!!


Simply Mahvelous Dahling! January 16,2013

The ladies decided to start the year right. They got their beauty on! Hair, make-up, nails! GORGEOUS!!

Hair and Make-Up


Donna Jo

Fancy Nails




It's a new year! January 7,2013

We are looking forward to a exciting new year in 2013.

We finished with a fun soccer match in 2012. There was a raging snow storm outside, while a game raged in the gym.
Here are some of our last pictures from 2012. We can't hardly wait to see what 2013 holds for us...

James "The Gate Keeper"

Jason "The Beast"

Larry "The Speed Beetle"

Jason and Larry battle for the ball

John loves soccer!





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