The Choraleers All Year Long  


  Gunther October 28, 2022  

Gunther came to visit! We love Gunther!
Jason is our Cat Whisperer


  Goofy October 17, 2022  

Tarik and Larry get ready for lunch by putting on their bibs. LOL
Yes, they are both goofy!


  Biking October 5, 2022  

Dawn took advantage of the last nice day before Fall rears it's cold head!

Amy takes Dawn for Bike Ride


  WANDS September 27, 2022  

STRIVE is spending time with Harry Potter in October
Molly helped them make themselves magic wands
Oh, Oh, it's MAGIC!!!


  River August 31, 2022  

A beautiful day, we took a walk to the river and enjoyed the sun and the water!!


  YUM! August 22, 2022  

Tomatoes Galore!!



  Lovin' it August 19, 2022  

We have to go out and grab vegetables every day our garden is doing so well!



  Tomatoes! August 15, 2022  

We are loving our tomatoes from our garden!!


Tomatoes Galore!


  Vegetables August 10, 2022  

We are reaping a harvest from our garden!!







  Virtual Camp August 3, 2022  

Camp Horizon campers had to go "virtual" again.
Try not to laugh at the pictures of them getting a facial!!!

left to right
Larry, Madeeya, Tarik, Jason



  Swinger July 25, 2022  

We were out on the swing today.
You can tell by Korey's face that he had a lousy time. LOL


  Outrigger July 8, 2022  

We had a wonderful day out on the Outrigger today!







  KONA ice June 30, 2022  

The KONA ice truck came to DT the other day
Thanks Robin for buying us all Kona Ice!


  First Day of Summer June 21, 2022  

It is the first day of summer and Larry posed in front of out garden
We have tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers growing!


  Sad loss June 17, 2022  

We lost a wonderful friend, a STRIVER on Wednesday.

John Tribute

Click here for tribute video


  UNO fun May 27, 2022  

Playing Spicey UNO
Having a blast!
We played 4 games and Larry won 3 of them!!! DANG Lucky!

Winner Larry




  Trash talking April 22, 2022  

We learned a new game called TRASH
We have enjoyed playing it!


Israel and Nichole



  Poker FUN April 15, 2022  

Learning and playing Poker!
We didn't know how stressful betting can be LOL!!

Nichole shuffles the cards

Andi shows off her winnings!

Jason hopes for a good hand.


  STRONGER April 8, 2022  

With Amy's wonderful help...
We are working out and getting strong!
Thank you Amy!!





  Taking a stand March 10, 2022  

With Amy's wonderful help...
Madeeya and Larry are working on standing!
They are really working their muscles! They are getting strong!
Thank you Amy!!


  Working hard March 2, 2022  

Nichole loves to stay busy and she is a hard worker.
She is cutting coupons to help staff save money!


  MORE SMILES January 21, 2022  

These are pictures from 10 years ago, but they will make you smile!
We all agree, we need to laugh more in 2022!
Hope you enjoy...

John being adorable and laughing!

Larry getting a pie in the face

Larry laughing afterwards


  LOL January 12, 2022  

Too much bad news?

There is bad news everywhere
And then there is Larry who makes everyone smile!


  Happy New Year! January 6, 2022  

Happy New Year to everyone! Here are some wishes and resolutions to share!

My wish is that everyone
would just get along!

I wish my family good health
and a Happy New Year!

I wish that everyone stay happy and healthy

I am wishing (hoping) for a better year!!

My New Year resolution
work on my temper
and be the nice person that I am

My New Year resolution
try to sit up straighter
I am getting a new chair!!!!

My New Year resolution
get married!


  Two more songs! December 23, 2021  


  Jingle Bells December 17, 2021  

Merry Christmas!

Click here for Jingle Bells


  Jingle Bells December 15, 2021  

We are getting ready to release Jingle Bells for the world to enjoy!!





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