The Choraleers All Year Long  


  Bowling January 31, 2018  

We had much fun bowling in the gym. Nichole took some pictures. Check us out below!

Chris smiles after his throw down

Looking good Nichole!

Katrina assists Madeeya (hoping for the best)


  Soccer January 17, 2018  

Soccer is back and we are playing harder than ever.
Its cold outside but the gym is HOT with energy as the teams race up and down the field.
It is so much FUN!

Israel and Larry duke it out
Pictures by Andi

Tarik keeps his eyes on the soccer ball
Pictures by Andi

Korey consults with his coach
Pictures by Andi


  Baby its Cold Outside January 5, 2018  

It is really cold in Lyndon right now!!
We weren't been able to make it to LPC but we had fun playing games
in our nice WARM home.





  Not slowing down December 21, 2017  

Holidays are coming fast! We are NOT slowing down!
Nichole works her PT to be is shape for the New Year.


  Christmas Choir December 8, 2017  

We have gone on the road this year with our very own Christmas choir! It is not the Choraleers (although some of the Choraleers are participating) but it also includes some singers from Winning Wheels. We performed at Hammond Henry Nursing home and we had so much fun!
It was great to bring smiles to the residents there!

Let us sing you Merry Christmas!
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